What’s it like at a Welldoing workshop?

Everyone’s idea of a workshop differs. Some find them enlightening, some find them challenging and some find them revealing in unexpected ways. When the atmosphere is right workshops can feel more like playshops. And when it’s wrong well they just feel like work.

Welldoing brings together ways of doing and ways of being, along with ways to clarify your direction and purpose. Bringing together how you do things with why you do them. Fusing new with old in a way that suits each individual personally.

great western tablesOur workshops cater for groups of people from 6 up to 60. With people from creative departments and inspired entrepreneurs, to seasoned managers and executive directors. By creating the right atmosphere and the right blend of experiences we bring out the innate potential in all individuals. Companies and organisations love us for this as far too often people leave their best selves at home or at play.

In fact research in the USA showed that the best ideas come to entrepreneurs–

  1. On holiday
  2. In the shower
  3. On the way to work

…never at work or at the office or in a meeting.

Attendees on our workshops often find inspiration, insight and innate creativity without effort through the openess and playfulness that is created on the day. They feel empowered and their organisations feel the effect of this many times over in the months following a workshop. One of the key reasons for this is the practical and intuitive applications that arise and are embedded into the day. Positive new habits are born with the energy and drive to make them part of everyday life at work, at home and at play.

blue sky windowsSome workshops are centred around specific issues, others are more general in nature. Each one is fine-tuned to the clients needs. There is time for listening, for learning, for sharing and relating, for reflection, for dreaming, for planning, for action and for just being.

“From thoughts come actions, from actions come habits, from habits come character, from character come destiny.” (The Upanishads)

And this quote applies equally to brands, teams and organisations as well as individuals. Here are 3 key facts that drive our thinking and our passion at Welldoing.

  1. The higher the well-being of your people, the higher their productivity.
  2. The higher the well-being of your people, the happier they are at home. (Home is where the heart is and the heart is the home of many great ideas.)
  3. Purpose-driven organisations are more effective than those with purely financial motives.

chantal and michaelIf you would like to discuss a workshop idea with us anywhere in Europe then please contact us here.