Chantal de Gaudio


It is vital to recognise the difference that makes the difference.

For the past 13 years Chantal has offered innovative one to one coaching and group facilitation for clients such as Suzie Turner Couture, Vodafone, the Cabinet Office, MTV, Cap Gemini, Les Fontaines, Architects of Group Genius, 8works, NHS, BT and The Art Newspaper.

This has unfolded through private practice and on client-site.

She is a certified life coach and has internationally recognised qualifications in Co-Active Coaching, OPQ Leadership Assessment, Energy Awareness, Reiki and Trackways Nature Survival, as well as degrees in Ceramics, Visual Research and Fashion Photography.

Half-Italian, half-English and bilingual, she is a keen observer of the differences between cultures and has capitalised on this to offer enormous understanding and clarity to many situations in her work.

She is inspired by enabling personal transformation and is continually adding to her own skill set. She enables individuals to know themselves & their values, empowering them to take full responsibility for the fulfilment and successes of their own lives.

As well as coaching and facilitation her working life includes being a professional artist. Chantal has a studio at Great Western studios and is a part of the thriving artist community there. She has recently had a solo show and also designed an egg for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, which was exhibited throughout London in spring 2012.

She brings a positive nature to every situation and draws upon her body of knowledge and awareness of behaviour to design a creative bespoke solution for each client.

A key attribute is her ability to ascertain the energy within individuals and in groups, and harness it to change group dynamics. She is confident that the elements for each successful transformation exist within any situation, and her passion lies in uncovering and utilising these ingredients.

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