If we can conceive it, and we can believe it, then we can achieve it. Goethe

Welldoing is an approach to leadership development coaching for individuals, teams and organisations to reduce stress, improve wellness and enhance performance – wellbeing for people who do.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Client-centred coaching and mentoring face to face, Skype and by phone.

Onsite courses & workshops
The Welldoing framework can be designed and tailor-made to client specific requirements.

Offsite awaydays and retreats
The Welldoing framework can be designed and tailor-made to client specific requirements.

There are three dimensions to Welldoing – Doing, Being and Direction.

doing play  DOING 

1, Productivity
Get more done with less stress through conscious responsibility.

2, Organisation
Arrange your physical and digital world to improve your sense of control.

3, Workflow
Optimise what you do by refining how you do it physically and digitally.

4, Teamwork
Define your relationships, roles and responsibilities to create the right environment for success.

being pause  BEING

1, Mindfulness
Improve your focus by increasing the awareness of what you do moment by moment.

2, Happiness
Use evidence-based research to apply the science of happiness to your life.

3, Emotional Intelligence
Understand your emotional state and the impact it has on your ability to act and communicate.

 4, Wellness
Develop strategies to integrate wellness into your working day to increase the quality of your life.

direction forward  DIRECTION

1, Purpose & Meaning
Unlock the power of motivating people through purpose and meaning.

2, Values
Discover personal, team and organisational values and explore their practical relevance.

3, Self Awareness
Personal leadership and self mastery are key to fulfilling your potential.

4, Alignment
From future vision to everyday actions, from organisation to individual, from purpose to execution, alignment drives effective implementation. 

All Welldoing modules can be incorporated into existing client programs or as stand alone solutions.

To arrange a free consultation with one of the Welldoing partners – Chantal de Gaudio or Michael Townsend Williams – contact us here.